10 Years of Women Who Rock in Marketing – CMO Edition 2019

50 Women CMOs 2019

50 Women CMOs In recent years
headlines like ‘Men
twice as likely to be CMOs than women
’ were pretty common. If
you’ve worked in marketing for any length of time, you know that
the role of CMO is already associated with
high demands and turnover
. Some might argue that women in CMO
roles face an even greater challenge given their
underrepresentation in marketing leadership
despite the
marketing industry being overwhelmingly female. While women are
underrepresented as CMOs, there’s
research that shows
women in CMO roles are paid better (on
average) than their male peers. Even more promising is that
half the marketing leadership hires in the first six months of 2019
were women
“. You might be wondering why am I writing about
women marketing? For the past 10 years I have been tracking rising
stars in the marketing world and recognizing social influencers in
the marketing space with an annual list: Women Who Rock in
. That list started in 2010 when I was recognized
on a list of social media rockstars with few if any women on it.
That seemed strange. So, I made
a list of 25 women I knew in marketing
that were rocking social
media. Every year since, a list has been published recognizing
women in marketing, inspiring many reactions, conversations and
hopefully, even change. While there have been a few variations on
selection, sorting and author, (Ashley Zeckman published the list
for 2 years), for the most part every year I’ve asked the previous
year’s honorees to nominate a peer. Nominees were reviewed, sorted
and the list published. My goal for these lists is to shine a light
on talent and create awareness amongst marketers. It has been
incredibly satisfying to learn about the impressive capabilities
and accomplishments of these marketing leaders.
Last year we had
a CMO who was also an opera singer, a social
media executive who once worked with Mother Theresa and an Olympic
athlete who created a program to inspire thousands of young people.
It has been great to see that many of the women have been
recognized by their companies and industry with several having
advanced over the years to take on senior marketing roles like
Chief Marketing Officer. 50 Women CMOs 2019 To honor women
in senior marketing roles for this 10th anniversary of
Women Who Rock in Marketing
, the following list features
50 women in CMO roles making a difference and creating impact. They
are leaders who represent the future of marketing and I highly
recommend you follow them. (Note: This is not a comprehensive list
and the list is alphabetical) Before we get to the list,
some special recognition:
One woman that has been
instrumental in the past few years at creating one of the most
robust CMO communities and collections of content for senior
marketing executives is Nadine
@NadineDietz. Her company CMO Moves and podcast were
acquired by Adweek and represents a cornucopia
of knowledge for CMOs
and inspiring CMOs alike. Thank you
Nadine for your tremendous contribution and community building! 50
Top Women CMOs to Follow Alicia Tillman Alicia
@aliciatillman Global CMO at SAP /in/altillman/
Alison Wagonfeld @awagonfeld CMO, VP, Marketing at
Google Cloud /in/alisonwagonfeld/
Allison Dew @alliedewsays CMO, EVP at Dell
Alyson Griffin @alyson_griffin Vice President
Global Marketing at Intel /in/alyson-griffin-2820514/
Amanda Jobbins @amandajobbins CMO for EMEA, APAC
and Japan at Oracle /in/amandastljobbins/
Andrea Zahumensky @Andreazahumensk CMO at KFC US
Ann Lewnes @alewnes CMO, EVP at Adobe /in/annlewnes/
Bozoma Saint John Bozoma Saint
@badassboz CMO at ENDEAVOR /in/bozoma-saint-john-0305441/
Carolyn Everson @ceverson VP, Global Marketing
Solutions at Facebook /in/carolyn-everson-8633479/
Danna Vetter @dannavetter Chief Marketer at
Milliken & Company /in/danna-vetter-4065254/
Dara J Treseder @daratreseder CMO at Carbon
Dawn T Keller @dawntv94 VP, Head of Digital at
Krispy Kreme /in/dawntevekeliankeller/
Dawna Olsen @DawnaOlsen CMO at SYSPRO USA /in/dawnaolsen/
Deborah Wahl @DeborahWahl CMO, Global at Cadillac
Dee Mc Laughlin Dee Mc
@deemclaughlin SVP, Global Brand & Creative
at Capital Group / American Funds /in/deemclaughlin/
Deirdre Bigley @DeirdreBigley CMO at Bloomberg LP
Denise Karkos @dckarkos CMO at SiriusXM /in/denise-karkos-b2ab973/
Diana O’Brien @DianaMOBrien CMO, Global at
Deloitte /in/dianaobrien/
Ellie Mirman @ellieeille CMO at Crayon /in/elliemirman/
Jacqui Murphy @jacquimurphy CMO at Auvik Networks
Inc. /in/jacquimurphy/
Jeanine Liburd @JeanineLiburd CMO, Chief
Commuications Officer at BET Networks (a subsidiary of Viacom Inc.)
Jeanne Hopkins Jeanne
@jeannehopkins CMO at Lola /in/jeannehopkins/
Jeanniey Mullen @jeanniey_ Chief Innovation and
Marketing Officer at DailyPay /in/jeanniey/
Jenn Steele @jennsteele CMO at Madison Logic
Jennifer Johnson @jj_cmo CMO at Tenable /in/jjcmo/
Jennifer Sey @JenniferSey CMO, Global Brands at
Levi Strauss & Co. /in/jennifer-sey-6516731/
Jill Gregory @jillgregory6 CMO, EVP at NASCAR
Karen Walker @KarMWalker CMO at Cisco /in/karenmwalker/
Kathy Button Bell Kathy Button
@Emerson_KathyBB Senior Vice President, Chief
Marketing Officer at Emerson /in/kathybuttonbell/
Kellyn Smith Kenny @KellynKenny CMO at Hilton
Kim Salem-Jackson @ksalem09 Global VP, Marketing
at Akamai Technologies /in/kimsalem/
Kristin Lemkau @klemkau CMO at JPMorgan Chase
Lauren Mead @LaurLeMe CMO at TimeTrade /in/laurenmead/
Lauren Wagner Boyman @lboymanms CMO at Morgan
Stanley Wealth Management /in/laurenboyman/
Leslie Berland @leslieberland CMO, Head of People
at Twitter /in/leslie-berland-1741781/
Linda Boff Linda Boff
@lindaboff CMO at GE /in/lindaboff/
Lorraine Twohill @LorraineTwohill CMO at Google
Lynne Biggar @LynneBiggar CMO, Chief
Communications Officer at Visa /in/lynnebiggar/
Lynne Jarman-Johnson @MoJoCMO CMO at Consumers
Credit Union /in/lynnejjohnson/
Maria Winans @MariaWinans CMO, North America
Marketing at IBM /in/maria-bartolome-winans-41008014/
Marisa Thalberg @executivemoms Global Chief Brand
Officer at Taco Bell /in/marisathalberg/
Mary Beech @MaryBeech1 EVP and CMO at Kate Spade
New York /in/maryrennerbeech/
Meg Goldthwaite Meg
@MegZGold CMO at National Public Radio

@mobonner CMO at Akamai Technologies /in/mobonner/
Morgan Flatley @morgsf CMO, US at McDonald’s
Paige ONeill @paige_oneill CMO at Sitecore
Penny Baldwin @pennyrbaldwin CMO, SVP at Qualcomm
Sarah Kennedy Ellis @saykay CMO at Marketo, An
Adobe Company /in/saykay/
Shannon Sullivan Duffy @sullytoduffy SVP, Product
Marketing at Salesforce /in/shannonduffy/
Tifenn Dano Kwan Tifenn Dano
@danokwan CMO at SAP Ariba /in/tifenndano/ Thank
you to Lane
  for providing some research help with this list.
We can do better. Despite gains in hiring and
compensation of women in senior marketing roles, the
ANA CMO scorecard reports
that “companies remain woefully
behind when it comes to promoting people of color to top marketing
jobs. Only 13 percent of the top jobs are held by people of color,
including 5 percent Asian, 5 percent Hispanic/Latin and 3 percent
black.” There is some progress but much more to be made. Whatever
companies can do to remove barriers to marketing talent rising into
leadership positions is an investment in the success of the
business. I am thankful for the incredible contributions this group
of marketing leaders has made to move our industry forward and am
optimistic about continued momentum into the new year. Who
would you add to this list for 2020?
To see the past 9
years of Women Who Rock in Marketing lists, visit
the posts below:

Thank you to all who have inspired us to be better as marketers and
a better marketing industry!

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