27 Ecommerce Landing Page Examples to Maximize Sales in 2020

Effective ecommerce landing pages aren’t just about big logos
and shiny product photos—they’re about giving shoppers the
information, direction, and experience they need to smash that
“Buy Now” button. Take a look at these hand-picked ecommerce
landing page
examples to make 2020 your best-selling year

Why Not Just Use Product Pages for Your Ecommerce Campaigns and

Pairing ads with product pages can lead to some pretty
underwhelming results. According to
, visitors convert half as often when they’re on a
product page compared to a custom landing page experience.

That’s because most product pages don’t follow ecommerce
best practices
. They have boilerplate copy and design that
tries to target everybody at the same time (and doesn’t sync up
with your paid advertisements). Even worse—most product pages are
stuffed with shiny links that end up distracting shoppers and keep
them browsing instead of buying.

With landing pages, you can focus a visitor’s attention on a
single product or offering and lead them on a personalized journey
to purchase. They’re more targeted, customizable, and
twice as likely to convert.

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27 Ecommerce Landing Page Examples

  1. LIV Watches
  2. TRIBE
  3. Ascent
  4. BoxyCharm
  5. Thistle
  6. waterdrop
  7. Infinite Moon
  8. Solo Stove
  9. Nathan Sports
  10.  Meowbox
  11. The Savile Row
  12. The Woodworker’s
    Guild of America
  13. The Coffee
  14. Heyday
  15. Xpand Laces
  16. Marley Spoon
  17. Spa De
  18. ColdCalm
  19. Gradshop
  20. AWAY Series
  21. Mr. Draper
  22. Porcelain
  23. Talo Brush
  24. Vanity
  25. Awayco
  26. Patrick Adair
  27. Troubadour

Example #1: LIV Watches

Industry: Apparel
Model: Storefront
Page Type: Click-Through

Image courtesy of LIV Watches. (Click to see the whole

What This Ecommerce Example Reveals: You Need
to Show Off Your Product in Different Ways

Typical online storefronts have a pretty standard approach to
showing off their products. There’s probably a carousel of images
at the top of the page and… well, that’s about it. But this
example from LIV Watches shows how powerful it
can be to spotlight your product throughout the page in multiple

In this case, LIV is featuring a special edition wristwatch in
partnership with pro cyclist TJ Eisenhart. Notice how, as you
scroll down, they show the watch featured in different lights,
different scenery, and different situations. You get to see a video
overview of the watch, close-ups of the various features, and even
a pretty slick side-profile that really shows off the

It’s a great example of how ecommerce marketers can break the
mold of “traditional” product landing pages to show customers
the details they actually want to see.

What Else We Love About This Landing Page:

  • LIV creates a sense of urgency with this limited edition
    product. If you want this particular wristwatch, you know that you
    need to make a purchase decision fast. (Tick, tock.)
  • This brand is—in part—about lifestyle. That really comes
    through in the video, which explores idealistic sentiments like
    passion, aspiration, and truth to oneself.
  • All of the photography (along with the video and additional
    animations) really gives customers an up-close look at the
    craftsmanship, so they know exactly what they’re buying.

Example #2: TRIBE

Industry: Food & Beverage
Model: Storefront & Subscription
Page Type: Click-Through

Image courtesy of TRIBE. (Click to see the whole thing.)

What This Ecommerce Example Reveals: You Can
Make Special Offers to Close More Customers

Setting up limited-time deals or special offers on your regular
ecommerce shop can be a huge pain. Standard product pages often
don’t properly show off a deal, and they can be pretty rigid if,
for example, you only want certain people to be able to access the

That’s why this example from TRIBE is worth looking over.
Their marketing team set up an “Exclusive Shortlist Offer” on a
landing page, so they could carefully control who the promotion
went out to—rather than make it available to every single visitor
who happened across their website.

Better still, because this is a landing page built using
Unbounce, the team from TRIBE had complete control over how they
presented the promotion. To help sell the offer, the team
incorporated the value of the deal into everything from the CTA
(“Enjoy Your First TRIBE Box for £2”) to the subscription
details (“Custom built pack and tailored to your needs”). Very

What Else We Love About This Landing Page:

  • The focus on athletics throughout the page—including a great
    training photo underneath the hero section—helps visitors
    understand the value of these natural performance products, and who
    they are meant for. (Hint: not me.)
  • The emphasis on social proof helps make the offer more
    compelling as well. Not only are there testimonials from a
    recognizable customer review website, but there are also familiar
    media outlets and supermarket logos to increase your

Example #3: Ascent Footwear

Industry: Apparel
Model: Storefront
Page Type: Click-Through

Image courtesy of Ascent Footwear. (Click to see the whole

What This Ecommerce Example Reveals: You Should
Focus on the Product Details Your Customers Care About Most

If you’re selling apparel that’s more function than fashion
(like a shoe that’s designed to correct your walking stride),
it’s important to put emphasis on the mechanics of how your
product works. Case in point: this example from Ascent Footwear.

Not only does this landing page show off exactly what goes into
each shoe, but it also explains why that makes such a difference.
(Now, I just need to figure out what the heck “ample lateral
stability” means.) The page removes all the fluff and focuses on
answering one very specific question: How does this shoe actually

Compare this to most product pages, which often get lost in the
details that don’t matter as much. Manufacturer references,
lengthy product descriptions, related products—if your customers
don’t actually care about these things, they might just be
distracting them from making a purchase.

What Else We Love About This Landing Page:

  • Ascent uses an expanded view of its shoe to showcase the
    technical components that contribute to its comfort and
  • By including an explainer video, Ascent is able to elaborate on
    the value propositions of the product without taking up much space
    on the page.
  • The clean, single-column layout and short length mean that
    visitors aren’t being overloaded with information. That way, they
    can focus on Ascent’s core message.

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Example #4: BoxyCharm

Industry: Cosmetic
Model: Subscription
Page Type: Lead Generation

Image courtesy of BoxyCharm. (Click to see the whole

What This Ecommerce Example Reveals: You Can
Use Landing Pages to Build Hype for Product Launches

Launching a new product is always exciting—but getting the
word out to customers can sometimes be a challenge. That’s where
this example from BoxyCharm comes into the mix. 

To help promote their new upscale beauty subscription box, their
marketing team put together a promotional landing page that builds
anticipation for the product and directs interested shoppers to
enter their email address. This lead generation tactic proved to be
quite useful—when the subscription box officially launched, the
team at BoxyCharm already had a big list of shoppers who were

Brains and beauty? This example really is the full package.

What Else We Love About This Landing Page:

  • The sleek layout, on-brand color scheme, and parallax scroll
    effect all demonstrate that BoxyCharm has a flair for design.
  • The landing page copy helps BoxyCharm’s brand identity with
    the #hashtag generation, and the social links included make it easy
    for visitors to engage further.
  • The video gives us a look at the process behind the product and
    shows that BoxyCharm hears (and acts on) customer feedback.

Example #5: Thistle

Industry: Food & Beverage
Model: Subscription
Page Type: Click-Through

Image courtesy of Thistle. (Click to see the whole

What This Ecommerce Example Reveals: You Should
Always Optimize Your Landing Page for Mobile Devices

Making purchases on your phone is the new norm. According to

, when people have a negative experience on mobile, they
are 62% less likely to make a purchase from your brand in the
future. That means for every page you create, you should be
optimizing it for smartphones and tablets as well.

This example from Thistle shows how simple it can be to
optimize your page for mobile devices. Using Unbounce, they created
a landing page for their plant-based meal subscription service that
looks stunning regardless of which type of device you’re

What Else We Love About This Landing Page:

  • The page does a great job highlighting the unique value
    proposition of this meal subscription service: nutrition-optimized,
    ready to eat, plant-based meals made with high-quality
  • Thistle knows its audience. They understand how
    health-conscious their subscribers are, and made sure to include
    extra info about how each Thistle meal is curated to include the
    right mix of macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Example #6: waterdrop

Industry: Food & Beverage
Model: Storefront
Page Type: Click-Through

Image courtesy of waterdrop. (Click to see the whole

What This Ecommerce Example Reveals: You Can
Target Specific Audiences to Get Better Results

While your product pages typically have to be generic enough to
speak to everybody at the same time, you can build landing pages to
speak specifically to one particular audience or use case. This
example from waterdrop sets the bar for targeted
messaging—and, by converting more than half of all visitors, it
makes a compelling case for you to do the same.

Everything on this page is meant for one audience: women.
Contextual shots? Women. Testimonials? Women. This brand knows who
they’re talking to, and their strategy seems to be working.

What Else We Love About This Landing Page:

  • The design is spectacular and complements the product well. Can
    colors be flavorful? This landing page says they can, and our
    abrupt craving for something sweet and fruity makes us believe
  • The page also does a good job of leveraging social proof by
    including recognizable media logos and positive customer

Example #7: Infinite Moon

Industry: Home
Model: Storefront
Page Type: Click-Through

Image courtesy of Infinite Moon. (Click to see the whole

What This Ecommerce Example Reveals: You Should
Always Back Up Your Claims with Your Best Testimonials

Any ecommerce marketer will be able to tell you that reviews and
testimonials are some of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.
And this example from Infinite Moon and Wallaroo Media shows how you can use
them more effectively on a landing page to make a sale.

Whereas on a typical product page you might just automatically
surface up the latest customer reviews, the testimonials on this
page have been carefully curated to help tell the brand story. Each
one touches on an important benefit of Infinite Moon pillows:
maximum comfort, serious pain relief, and high-quality

What Else We Love About This Landing Page:

  • Using lightboxes to give visitors an up-close view of the
    product and provide additional information means that the page
    isn’t cluttered.
  • InfiniteMoon makes good use of the space above the fold,
    communicating their value prop through a punchy headline and
    emotive hero shot.

Example #8: Solo Stove

Industry: Cookware
Model: Storefront
Page Type: Click-Through

Image courtesy of Solo Stove. (Click to see the whole

What This Ecommerce Example Reveals: You Can
Overcome Purchase Objections Using Photos and Other Multimedia

Are you relying on the fact that visitors will actually read
your product descriptions? As a copywriter, I know as well as
anyone that (and this is hard to admit) text and bullet points will
only get you so far when it comes to overcoming purchase
objections. A lot of shoppers skim or skip over the content you
write, and they usually end up missing those key product

With ecommerce landing pages, you have the flexibility to
overcome purchase objections in whichever ways you think will
resonate most with your shoppers. 

In this example from Solo Stove, their marketing team
uses a combination of text and visuals to answer every possible
question you might have about the product as you scroll down the
page. (“What does it do?” It protects you from
the flame. “Where am I gonna store all this?”
It all nests inside the stove. “Can you still roast
With grooved ridges, this shield makes it
easier than ever to get your wiener roast on.)

What Else We Love About This Landing Page:

  • Combining this product promotion with a limited-time 20% off
    pre-sale offer is a great way to encourage visitors to click
    through today, rather than wait until tomorrow.
  • The footer at the bottom of the page reminds shoppers that
    they’ll get free shipping, free returns, and a lifetime warranty.
    All of these promises help to eliminate risk and build trust in the

Example #9: Nathan Sports

Industry: Sport
Model: Storefront
Page Type: Click-Through

Image courtesy of Nathan Sports. (Click to see the whole

What This Ecommerce Example Reveals: You Can
Get More Creative with Promotions on Landing Pages

Consistent visual branding is more important than ever, but it
does place limits on how imaginative you can be with your product
pages. After all, they have to exist within the greater ecosystem
of your online store. You can’t just go changing up the color
schemes or formatting for every new product release!

But that’s why so many marketers are flexing their creativity
with their ecommerce landing pages instead. Take this campaign from
Nathan Sports, for example.
It’s so different from the rest of their online store that it
demands you take notice (and maybe put on some retro 3D glasses
while you’re at it).

What Else We Love About This Landing Page:

  • The theme is so cool, and Nathan fully commits to it—from the
    loud, neon visuals, to the flashy animations, to the campaign
    slogan. Awesome.
  • This page might feel like it’s from another era, but
    today’s best practices still apply. Strong headline,
    benefits-oriented copy, rule- of-three layout—it’s all
  • Nathan even includes a custom playlist to help runners get
    pumped with retro jams from Duran Duran, Blondie, and Run DMC.
    Someone teach us how to run right now!

Example #10: Meowbox

Industry: Pet
Model: Subscription
Page Type: Click-Through

Image courtesy of Meowbox. (Click to see the whole

What This Ecommerce Example Reveals: Any
Landing Page Can Be Improved With a Couple of Cat Photos

OK, I’m going to level with you. I was pretty much ready to
finish this article… but I just couldn’t resist including this
example. Meowbox is a monthly subscription box
with toys and treats for your favorite feline. What’s not to

What Else We Love About This Landing Page:

  • It’s one thing for pet owners to say that Meowbox is
    wonderful, but pairing customer testimonials with pictures of their
    cats enjoying the treats adds another level of credibility.
  • The headline conveys Meowbox’s main value proposition and,
    paired with the hero shot, helps visitors understand what they’re
    getting as soon as they hit the page.
  • This is a click-through landing page, but Meowbox includes a
    newsletter signup form as a secondary conversion goal to try and
    capture those precious email addresses. No lead left behind.

But wait, there’s more! Take a page out of these
ecommerce companies’ landing page playbooks
Example #11:
The Savile Row Company

The Savile Row Company is a

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27 Ecommerce Landing Page Examples to Maximize Sales in 2020