5 Tips for Marketing your First WordPress Product

WordPress is one of the most widely used tools on the internet.
Initially, when the open-source project started, WordPress was
mostly used for blogs. It is free and open-source for content

WordPress is opened up to a huge audience because of its sturdy
and strong plugin structure and the ability to virtually create any
kind of theme you could imagine. WordPress now is so large that
around 32 percent of websites are run by WordPress.

There are many different types of plugins and templates in
WordPress and the most important thing is that it does not ask the
user for prior authorization to make changes to the theme. One of
the main features of WordPress is customization. That’s what
makes all business owners make WordPress the perfect CMS For My

WordPress is preferred by many for creating a product based
website. There are many ways by which you can market your first
WordPress product. The following are the different ways of
marketing your first WordPress product:

1. Offer premium and free versions

The users are always afraid to buy new products. They have the
fear of the unknown and are sceptical about the features and
usability of the new product. Offering free trials is one of the
best ways to market your new product. If you are selling a service
or software, giving a free or trial version of your product is a
great way to give a huge number of customers a feel of your
product. It usually happens that the purchased product does not
match the specifications mentioned in it, that’s the reason
customers don’t want to take risks with new products. 

Giving free trials acts as a gateway to attract your prospective
customers to your website. Through the free trial, you can not only
promote the premium version of your product but you can also
advertise the upcoming software releases. 

Make sure that the free trial is at the forefront of your
website so that it is the first thing in sight as the customers
visit your website. This will ensure the maximum number of
downloads of the free trial. The conversion rate from the free
version to the premium version is very high. This strategy will
help to increase the conversion rate to 90 percent. It is one of
the best
WordPress Development
tools available!

2. Try split testing

Also known as A/B testing, it involves testing the product in
different ways. The main goal is to conduct controlled experiments
or tests. This is to improve a website’s metrics such as clicks,
visits, form completion and purchases. It involves risk, but you
will not achieve higher sales if you are not willing to take

Split testing works by creating two different pages,
advertisements or platforms where your product can be found. The
main idea is to split the leads and demographic list on social
media and let the advertisement work its way into their social
media. Then with the help of google analytics or any other data
monitoring software, you can track the results of your split test.
The result will help you to understand which advertisement
outperformed the other.

You will have to do multiple split tests throughout the year and
select the advertisements that do well with the customer base.
After completing a number of split tests, you will find an
advertisement that’s the best and most popular amongst the

3. Try to create connected products

While it is important for you to optimize your plugins so that
they work in accordance with all themes, it will be beneficial if
you also make a special theme that can complement the products you
are selling. Your idea over here is to create a new product which
also showcases all the additional functionalities that are not
available anywhere online. 

To make this happen, you can also create
WordPress plugins
which are linked with one another. Take this
for instance: you can easily attach a standalone plugin that you
can download from the WordPress plugin directory. In fact, you can
also use it as an add-on for that particular plugin.

Here’s an example you can follow:

The Profile Builder plugin will allow you to create several
different user profiles and user registration protocols in a
consistent and streamlined way. If you want to take this process a
notch ahead, you can also incorporate the Client Portal – Private
User Pages and Login plugin. This is an add-on portal for the
Profile Builder, which allows the users to create private pages for
all their website users.

4. Use SEO and link building techniques

Search engine optimization is the king when it comes to getting

more traffic to your website
. No matter what product or service
you are offering, SEO is the best way to make your product visible
to your customers. SEO is used to rank your website to the top of
the various search engines. Well placed links and proper SEO can
help you build a reputable and strong face in the market. 

The best way to develop your SEO is to identify your keywords
with the help of tools like Google keyword planner. Once the
keywords are ready, you can begin with developing and writing
content which gives the customer information about your products
and also includes the keywords. The best way to distinguish your
product or service is to make customers aware and provide them
information about how your product will make their life easier.
Just talking about your product won’t help you, you also need to
talk about how your product is different from the competition and
what added benefits it is going to provide. 

Your website will get a better response if you are doing proper
quality link building. Link building strategy plays a very
important role. Link building is the process of getting your links
to other websites which helps in getting more traffic. It does not
mean that you link to any website, it is very important to link to
reputed sources. This will eventually increase your domain
authority and your reputation. 

5. You can advertise your products and your websites using the
WordPress newsletter 

Although the online market has various different options to get
this process started, we strongly recommend you to take a look at
the wpMail.me. We are suggesting this because it is a free weekly
newsletter. The best part about it is that since it is a weekly, it
focuses on fresh WordPress news. It also mentions information on
different WordPress-related blog posts that can be helpful. 

What’s particularly interesting about this option is that it
allows the user to advertise their products on it as well. Not just
this, as an entrepreneur, you also have the option to sponsor an
entire edition. If you sponsor the entire edition, you will have
more space in your newsletter to feature your products prominently
to the audience. An add on is that you can also have a banner of
your own.

This is a distinguished approach to take because other similar
kinds of newsletters do not really allow this kind of promotion.
You have the option to reach out to them via email. Then, you can
ask if they are willing to feature your latest blog. You can also
ask if they would like to feature your plugin or theme that you
have recently launched.

The only thing you need to consider is that your newsletter
should be relevant to your industry. This way you will ensure you
both are targeting the same set of viewers.

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5 Tips for Marketing your First WordPress Product