A community of practice

Learning happens mostly outside the classroom.

Learning is the difficult work of experiencing incompetence on
our way to mastery.

And learning opens the door to identity.

When someone says, “I am a nurse”, they’ve taken their
learning and certification, combined it with their livelihood and
announced it as their identity.

And this all happens from community. The standards and
practices, the support, the status roles. People like us do things
like this.

If you’re a Maine wooden-boat builder, you do things a certain
way. The ocean is the same water that a boat builder in Manila
would put their boat on, but the boat is different because the
community is different.

Even the way we think about formal education, accreditation and
contribution is driven by the community of practice we are part

Communities have often been an accident of birth. Built by
geography and parentage, you established your identity and your
learning long before you went to school. Now, of course, this is

Communities of practice have been written
about for decades, but they’re being transformed and amplified by
the persistent and permeable nature of the net. When we surround
ourselves with a community, it’s inevitable that it changes our

Too often, we choose our community by default. The social
network sucks us in, or we’re picked for a certain dodgeball team
or cadre at school. We have the chance, though, to do it with
intention instead.

I’ve come to realize that the circles that we’re building at
Akimbo are in fact
communities of practice. A powerful, productive identity that
people can choose to seek out. Click here to see a
preview our next one–for people who are ready to write.

And here’s a bonus video, a short rant for the Akimbo podcast
that I filmed last summer. In whichever hemisphere you’re in,
enjoy the new season and the possibility it brings.

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A community of practice