CASE STUDY: Facebook Gaming, Oculus and Instagram at 2019 Game Developers Conference

TTG supports multiple activations to cross-promote Facebook
brands and celebrate launch of new Oculus VR solutions

When Facebook Gaming launched in 2018, the live streaming
platform was looking for a partner to support its gaming show
efforts worldwide. After “asking around” Facebook Gaming
reached out to The Trade Group, and the two companies have been
collaborating ever since.

Following a successful partnership in 2018,
Facebook Gaming
reengaged TTG to assist with its roster of
gaming show activations for 2019, including multiple activations
scheduled to occur before and during the annual Game Developers
Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. The activations focused not only
on Facebook Gaming but also the company’s Oculus and Instagram
brands and the new games, products and solutions those brands offer
fans, creators and potential business partners.

Oculus Pre-GDC Activation for VR Developers at Yerba Buena
Center for the Arts (YBCA)

This Facebook-Oculus collaborative event spotlighted the new
Oculus virtual reality (VR) games and headset products the company
was preparing to launch. TTG was tasked with designing and building
out the space inside the YBCA with demo pods and meeting spaces
where VR developers had the opportunity to chat with the Oculus
team on how to become a successful creator on the Facebook and
Instagram platforms.

Another key objective for this event was to allow guests to demo
the new Oculus VR headset and several new games the company was
launching. The client also wanted to demonstrate the fact that you
don’t need solid physical walls to play Oculus games. To drive
this fact home, TTG created the three Oculus demo pods with clear
acrylic walls, framed in 1” aluminum tubing, accented with LED
strip lighting.

The interiors of the pods were decorated to look like living
rooms so guests could see what Oculus VR gaming would feel like in
their own homes, even without the benefit of walls. TTG also
created a variety of
branded graphics and signage
for the space, built a comfy
lounge area in the center of the room, brought in a large
projection screen for presentations and integrated LED
lighting features
throughout the space.

According to KT Salzmann, TTG Project Manager for Special
Events, “The YBCA was an ideal venue for this event because
it’s essentially an art theater, which offers excellent lighting
options. We set the lighting to ‘theater dark,’ which made the
LEDs that outlined key structures and graphics really pop.”

Facebook, Oculus and Instagram Lobby Activation at Moscone

The GDC was held at the Mocone Center in San Francisco, and for
that main event, the client elected to go with a collaborative
Facebook, Oculus and Instagram activation in the North lobby of the
convention center. The objective of this activation was to
celebrate the launch of the new Oculus Quest VR headset and also
feature the Facebook Gaming and Instagram brands.

The 20’x80’ space included two Oculus demo pods similar to
the faux living rooms with clear acrylic walls, aluminum tubing and
LEDs installed at the YBCA. Like the pre-GDC event, the goal with
the demos was to show that Oculus VR games could be played
virtually anywhere—no walls required. Attendees also were able to
experience how the new headset compared to the previous

fun and shareable photo opps
were also included in the space.
“For Instagram, we created a mirrored tunnel that featured
hanging, two-sided, acrylic emojis that was super fun and very
shareable. People could also snap photos in front of a
3-dimensional glyph of the Facebook Gaming logo,” explains

The space also featured several pedestals to display the new
Oculus headset technology and two large projection screens to share
branded content and presentations.

Oculus Meeting Room Activations at Moscone Center

GDC is a great event to conduct business as well, so Oculus
asked TTG to design 17 meeting rooms to support its business
development efforts. The meeting rooms provided private spaces
where Oculus could meet with organizations interested in the
company’s technology.

TTG created several, separate meeting rooms that once again
played off of the living room theme and were perfect for demos of
the new Oculus products and games. In addition, two larger
wall-less meeting rooms were installed to reinforce the fact that
you can play Oculus games anywhere.

While GDC was a whirlwind event for Salzmann, she looks forward
to supporting future activations for Facebook Gaming, Oculus and
Instagram. Says Salzmann, “We’ve really enjoyed working with
the creative forces behind Facebook Gaming and bringing their
brands to life. The GDC activations really turned our beautifully,
and we’re excited to continue this partnership for years to

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CASE STUDY: Facebook Gaming, Oculus and Instagram at 2019 Game
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CASE STUDY: Facebook Gaming, Oculus and Instagram at 2019 Game Developers Conference