Content Marketing in the Media Apocalypse

I first joined Contently as editor-in-chief in 2013. I stumbled
into content marketing because the media company I was running
failed—in part because the economics of media are ridiculously
hard, but mostly because I was 25 and had no idea what I was

Failing at media in 2013 was easy but avoidable; in 2019, it
feels inevitable. The past year brought
massive layoffs
at Gannett, BuzzFeed, AOL, HuffPost, Spin, The
Toronto Star, and countless others. Deadspin was assassinated by a
private equity vampires; Sports Illustrated was turned into a
content farm. And just this past week, IAC basically dumped
College Humor on the side of the road
 and drove away.

We’re entering an age in which some of the best-funded content
operations are being run by brands. Their mastheads topped by
content marketers.

Content marketing and journalism will always be distinctly
different things. (And as citizens, we need to fund journalism.
Subscribe to your local newspaper!) But in 2020, content marketers
need to think hard about their contributions to the media ecosystem
at large. We have a great opportunity and responsibility to produce
high-quality, honest stories, backed by strong reporting and
research. We have a responsibility to educate our audience, not
plug products.

Your content shouldn’t just check a box on an SEO keyword
list. It should provide a unique perspective to the world. It
should entertain people, or make them think about the world in a
new way. (Even if it’s just on a nerdy topic like content
marketing.) That’s what drives audience loyalty and business
results in the long run. And it’s what the internet desperately

Even if it often doesn’t feel like enough, we as content
marketers have been gifted the time and resources that are
increasingly rare in the media world, as writers on skeleton staffs
are asked to churn out 10 blog posts a day. Don’t waste it.
Produce great work—or hire the underemployed journalists who

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Content Marketing in the Media Apocalypse
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Content Marketing in the Media Apocalypse