Gruesome PlayStation ad is the perfect Valentine's Day antidote

PlayStation has unveiled a new advert, which is designed to
truly stick in the memory. Not to spoil things for you, but the
focus in on hearts, and not in the way you’d expect to see on
Valentine’s Day. It’s the work of adam&eveDDB, the ad agency
best known for its work on the John Lewis & Partners Christmas
adverts. But the Bear and the Hare this is not. 

The scene is set in a dingy, dramatic tunnel. Uneasy soldiers
navigate the gloom with their torches. So far, we’re firmly in
traditional war game territory. But then our poor soldiers happen
upon a scene that throws all that out of the water. 

The tagline for the spot is ‘Feel the Power of PlayStation’.
Watch it for yourself below. For more impactful ads, see our
roundup of the best
print ads

The aim is to capture what it feels like to play a great
PlayStation game – thrilling, tense, new. Once you’ve got over
the weirdness of the whole thing, it’s actually an extremely
effective advert, and more great work from adam&eveDDB

The sound design is immersive; the scale is cinematic. There’s
something about the sound of an accelerated heartbeat that makes
you, as a viewer, feel excited. The collection of beating hearts
also calls neatly to mind the social aspect of the gaming
community. The odd, dark style and subject matter is reminiscent of
PlayStation ads of old. And we’re all for it. 

We’re pleased to see PlayStation is back on form when it comes
to promotion. The dramatic unveiling of the new PS5 logo at CES was
with widespread mockery
(there’s nothing wrong with it… but
some argued it was a little too
, and some designers tried their hand at creating

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Gruesome PlayStation ad is the perfect Valentine's Day antidote