How B2C companies are using live chat to drive sales and offer a personalized customer experience

For online businesses, customer experience is king. It can be
pretty simple if you listen to what your customers want, which
usually boils down to a personalized, quick and low friction

Channels like live chat and self-service are highly preferred
when it comes to customers getting answers to their questions.
Crucially, enabling these channels can be just as much a vehicle
for sales as it is for customer service. The stats speak for

  • On average, website visitors are 82% more likely to convert to
    customers if they’ve chatted with you first.
  • Website visitors who chat pay 13% more than those who don’t,
    according to our data.
  • Just one reply can increase the likelihood of conversion by
    50%; one more reply makes that visitor 100% more likely to

That’s why many consumer businesses are turning to Intercom to
help build more personal relationships with their customers to
drive sustainable growth.

Elegant Themes is using Visitor Auto Messages to convert 3x more
paid subscriptions

Mitch Skolnik is the Operations Director at Elegant Themes, best known for
Divi the
most widely used WordPress theme in the world. He manages the
sales, support and QA teams and is in charge of all customer-facing
tools that Elegant Themes uses. Divi is a volume based product with
a fairly low average subscription price, so Mitch hypothesized that
live chat could be used to accelerate interested buyers toward a
faster purchase decision.

“We actually didn’t have a sales team until we started with
Intercom,” he says. “We were looking to integrate live chat
into our website to open up a new channel for interested buyers to
engage with us and close new subscriptions quickly at scale.
We’ve been able to grow our sales team around how Intercom
functions and have been able to scale our team to 10 reps who
handle 16,000 sales conversations a month, with a 2 minute average
first response time.”

“We’re now converting 25% of leads that come through live
chat to paid subscriptions”

The team at Elegant Themes use Visitor Auto Messages to
proactively encourage potential buyers to speak with their sales
reps. One of their most successful messages offers a discount code
to people who have shown purchase intent by visiting their site
multiple times. That message alone has fired over 175,000 times and
has a conversion rate of 19% to a paid plan.

Using Intercom, the teams at Elegant Themes can properly
attribute which marketing campaigns and sales reps are driving the
most conversions through live chat. Each rep might average 10
unique sales in a single day, so they are passing UTM parameters
from their campaign URLs to properly assess the true effectiveness
of their marketing and sales initiatives.

“What differentiates Intercom is how engaging the the Visitor
Auto Messages are. Our welcome message alone prompts valuable
conversations we might not have had without the Messenger. We’re
now converting 25% of leads to paid subscriptions that come through
live chat and 30% of paid signups can be attributed to

Fireclay Tile drives 20% of interested buyers through live chat

Intercom Messenger on Fireclay website

As a certified B-corp and one of the only tile companies using
sustainable manufacturing practices and recycled materials,
Fireclay Tile prides
itself on doing things authentically, like making each one of their
tiles by hand. For Lauren Ritchie, Senior Design Consultant, that
also meant treating their customer experience in the same way.

Before using Intercom, if somebody wanted to get in touch with
Fireclay’s residential sales team they would have to call or
email first and wait for a response. The experience wasn’t ideal,
and was compounded by the fact that Fireclay is a
direct-to-consumer business with only one physical showroom.

“We’ve opened up a completely new channel for sales with

For a high consideration purchase like tiling, the showroom
experience can help alleviate concerns by allowing potential buyers
to see and feel the product in person. But when it comes to selling
a handmade product like Fireclay’s tiles online, that process of
discovery needs to be able to happen just as seamlessly as it would
in-store. That’s why the company looked to gain a competitive
advantage by offering quicker, more personal customer service
through live chat.

“Fireclay is kind of unique in that we sell directly to
customers,” Lauren explains. “A lot of other tile companies
have showrooms, or they work with distributors nationally. So I
found that Intercom is great because we can bridge the gap. Even
though we can’t be there physically with people, they can chat
and we can still build relationships in a personal, authentic

The Intercom messenger sits on their website and allows
potential customers to easily ask questions as they arise. Fireclay
has also set up some Visitor Auto Messages to proactively engage
potential customers on specific, high-intent pages of their site.
All of this work allows Fireclay to capitalize on their
customer’s intent to learn more, exactly at the right moment.

Through live chat, Fireclay can answer any initial questions
their prospective customers have and encourage them to choose some
products to sample. From there, the team can progress to more
in-depth pricing conversations through email.

Opening up a completely new channel for sales has been pivotal
for the Fireclay sales team. Lauren says, “Before we were
fielding inbound requests just using email and phone, but with chat
we’ve opened up a completely new channel for sales. Now around
20% of interested buyers come directly from using live chat through

LetsGetChecked uses Intercom’s self-service knowledge base to
reduce support costs and have higher quality conversations

enables customers to purchase health tests to take in the comfort
of their own home and order, manage, and track results online. For
an important purchase like this, customers tend to have a lot of
questions, such as which test they need to purchase, how to
administer it themselves or how to interpret their results.

With live chat support both pre and post-sale, as well as a
convenient self-service experience that handles simple customer
questions, LetsGetChecked is using Intercom to provide a seamless
support experience. Ronan Ryan, COO, knew that creating a
world-class customer experience was crucial to establishing trust
in their products.

“Intercom has helped cut costs, improve our support
efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and scale with the
growth of our business”

Self-service was especially important to LetsGetChecked because
their website traffic and sales were rapidly increasing. Using
Articles, Intercom’s knowledge base product, allowed their
conversation volume to remain the same even as they were quickly
growing because customers could help themselves for common
questions. To further improve the self-serve experience,
LetsGetChecked has enabled Article Suggestions and Article Search
Messenger app, which has been invaluable during off-hours.

“Intercom has allowed us to create a delightful self-service
experience for our customers. The Article Search Messenger app
reduces friction and makes it simple to search for help directly in
the Messenger while automation features like smart suggestions
allow bots to answer common questions our customers have,” Ronan

“Intercom also provides analytics behind searches that
aren’t producing results and article ratings so that we have that
feedback loop to continually improve our self-service experience.
As a result, we’ve seen our customer satisfaction scores increase
from 8.8 to 9.6 since implementing Intercom.”

Furthermore, since rolling out Intercom, the time to first
response has decreased by 60% for the LetsGetChecked team. Most
importantly for Ronan, all of this change has happened without
adding anyone new to the support team.

“Intercom has helped cut costs, improved our support
efficiency, increased customer satisfaction and scaled with the
growth of our business,” Ronan explains.

“Not only that, the quality of conversations we are having is
now higher because our customers can quickly find answers to common
questions themselves. This enables our support team to tackle
higher priority issues like answering questions from potential
customers who are ready to buy. Assisting customers at this crucial
time has increased sales conversion and helped double our


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How B2C companies are using live chat to drive sales and offer a
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How B2C companies are using live chat to drive sales and offer a personalized customer experience