How d-to-c bedding brand Boll & Branch is moving beyond the thread count

There’s a common misconception when it comes to sheets that
threadcount is all that matters. Scott Tannen, a veteran marketer
who founded Boll & Branch, a bedding brand, five years ago,
wants to tell you otherwise. Speaking on the latest episode of Ad
Age’s Marketer’s Brief podcast, Tannen explains that high
thread counts, something consumers have been trained for years to
covet, are basically meaningless.

“Thread count is more of a measure of how dense and thick the
fabric is—it has nothing to do with how comfortable or how soft
the product is going to be,” Tannen says. “That boils down to
the quality of the material.”

Tannen works alongside his wife, Missy, a co-founder of the
company who handles the creative aspects of the brand. The sheets,
which are sourced from India in a supply chain the husband-and-wife
team control, are less expensive than their designer counterparts.
A set of sheets at the d-to-c brand costs around $200, a fraction
of the $1,400 of some higher labels. Like many other d-to-c brands,
Boll & Branch has benefited by eliminating the middleman from
the retail equation, passing on that value to the customer.

“Suppliers are making more money and the customer is paying
less money because we’ve been able to suck all of these archaic
elements out of the supply chain,” Tannen says.

And with a recent $100 million investment from L. Catterton, the
private equity fund behind other brands such as the Honest Co. and
Peloton and Boll & Branch’s first outside investor, Tannen
intends to accelerate growth. “Availability and access is the
next hurdle—that’s where you’re going to see us really focus
over the next months and years,” he says.

He’s also planning to double U.S. production in the next year
as one of the brand’s sustainable impact goals. “That’s a big
lift, but we’re going to do it.”

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How d-to-c bedding brand Boll & Branch is moving beyond the thread count