How publishers are eyeing Apple News Plus

The launch of Apple News Plus, the all-you-can-eat magazine
subscription service, aims to get publishers hoping for a new rush
of readers glued to their iPhones. Once bitten, though, those
publisers are still approaching the platform with caution, afraid
of giving up the lifeblood of their businesses.

The tradeoff from the subscription service, which launched last
week, is clear, print industry stalwarts can appear on Apple News
Plus, with immediate distribution on 1.4 billion devices, but they
have to give up that direct connection to readers. The
magazinesfrom publishers like Hearst, Cond Nast and Meredithwon’t
get access to data about their Apple News Plus readers, because
Apple doesn’t track users, which also means advertisers can’t
target them.

“The economics on Apple News is obviously less than we get from
our owned and operated properties,” says Daniel Hallac, New York
Media’s chief product officer. “But it’s a different audience than
our web properties, so it’s an opportunity to reach new

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How publishers are eyeing Apple News Plus