Hyundai heads to Boston while Bloomberg and Trump shake the couch cushions: Tuesday Wake-Up Call

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For Super Bowl ad watchers (and we surely are), half the fun is
the teasers. And the first one out of the gate this year comes from
Hyundai, which is breaking a charming little snippet showing
comedian Rachel Dratch trying, with predictable results, to teach
Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz to speak with a Boston accent.
The campaign, for the brand’s Sonata automobile, will feature two
other celebs with Boston ties, actors Chris Evans and John
Krasinski, and was directed by Massachusetts native Bryan Buckley,

writes Ad Age’s E.J. Schultz

But what is the Beantown connection between a Korean-based
automaker and its Huntington Beach, California-based agency,
Innocean, to a game that will be held in Miami? Hyundai isn’t
saying, but it we’d bet money that when the automaker began
plotting its ad, it suspected that the New England Patriots would
be playing in the Feb. 2 game. (For those of you who truly only
watch football for the ads, the showdown at this point will include
two of these four teams: The Tennessee Titans, Kansas City Chiefs,
Green Bay Packers and the San Francisco 49ers. The Patriots, which
have made 11 Super Bowl appearances, according
, were eliminated January 4. ) 

“It would have been serendipitous for Boston’s home team, the
Patriots, to be in the Super Bowl again this year, but the spot is
not reliant on any specific team being in the big game,” a Hyundai
spokesman told Schultz. “We think the humor will stand on its own
and is something that will be enjoyed on a national level.”

Or in Bostonian speak, a wicked pissa.

Inquiring minds can ask Hyundai Chief Marketing Officer Angela
Zepeda, who will be among the speakers at Ad Age’s
Inside Pages
on January 28, along with execs from other Super
Bowl stalwarts, to talk about the benefits of the Big Game. Among
the 24 brands confirmed so far to buy into in the ad world’s
biggest event: Olay, Heinz, SodaStream, Budweiser, Michelob Ultra
and Michelob Pure Gold, Cheetos and Doritos. Armchair quarterbacks
can keep track with our handy dandy chart

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Hyundai heads to Boston while Bloomberg and Trump shake the couch cushions: Tuesday Wake-Up Call