Influencer Marketing: How to Engage and Convert

Influencer marketing is all the rage these days in the
digital marketing
world, but what is it exactly and how can you
best take advantage of it?

What is Influencer Marketing?

First, you might ask: what is an influencer? An influencer is
someone who has a large following on the web and over social media
channels. They might be a leader in your area of business or niche,
or someone simply interested and involved in it. Due to their huge
following, they can draw interest to a message, theme, topic, or
even a brand and its products and services.

So, influencer marketing involves you working with influencers
to take advantage of their following and influence to get your
message out to more people, build your brand, and deliver whatever
your message might be.

An influencer’s posts grab people’s attention. They have
built their own brands and reputations, and so their followers
trust them and their opinion. Why? Because the influencer has
delivered for them before. An influencer has provided value in some
way and delivered that message in a compelling way that keeps their
followers coming back for more.

What platforms does an influencer use?  The possibilities are
vast. They might have:

  • A website

  • A blog

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • A podcast

  • YouTube Channel or series

  • A series of ebooks

  • Some combination of the above

Influencers come across as authentic, relevant, and useful to
their audiences. They are not just trying to sell someone
something. An influencer speaking out about your brand means
something to their followers.

Therefore, influencers can help get more eyeballs on your
content, get your name out there, show people what they might be
missing by not going with you, and can even influence followers
when they make a buying decision.

Working with Influencers

Influencers can help, whether you are
. Two key marketing channels go hand in hand with influencer

Obviously, influencers user
social media to reach their followers
and keep in touch with
Valuable, engaging content
is what they deliver to them.

How can you work with an influencer?

You don’t have to wait for them to discover you and hope that
they mention you on their blog. You can reach out to them and form
a business relationship with them. Once that is established, you
can ask them to:

  • Write an article for your blog, and they will let their
    followers know about it

  • For a quote to use on our Twitter feed.

  • To be  on your podcast, and they can go on yours

  • Co-author a whitepaper

  • Speak or present at your trade show

These are only a few possibilities of what a healthy, mutual
beneficial working relationship with an influence can be. You both
win. You get exposure to a new audience (yours), and they get
exposed to yours.

How to Do Influencer Marketing Correctly

The benefits of using influencer marketing to your brand help

  • Reach new audiences and attract more attention

  • Work with influencers who might be talented content creators and
    have a different voice to than yours, a new spin on your themes and
    topics, and their own ideas and suggestions that make you look at
    things in a whole new light

  • Take advantage of an influencer’s credibility to better engage
    audiences, intrigue them, and win them over, making interested your
    brand and converting them into customers

Where do you begin with influencer marketing?

  1. Identify the influencers in your field. Who is making waves and
    the most noise? Who is everyone else talking about?

  2. Make friends with them. Follow them on social media. Engage them
    in the real world. Invite them to events as a VIP guest. Ask them
    for quotes to use in your marketing.

  3. Create content with them. Keep each other in the loop of
    what’s going on.

  4. Reuse the content as much as feasible.

Remember these tips, though:

  • Influencer marketing works best if it’s an ongoing
    relationship and not just a one-time thing. You build and increase
    followings over with time, patience, and quality content.

  • You have to be able to track results and measure success to know
    what’s working and what’s not and what needs to be tweaked.

  • Don’t shy away from using SEO and keywords in your

  • Don’t afraid to experiment and try new things out.

Influencer marketing is an ongoing process, as any relationship
is. It needs nurturing, understanding, and a common bond. Your
common bond is winning over your audience. Influencers help you
engage with them and build both trust and a relationship with them.
Their credibility aids in building your own.


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Source: FS – Marketing 3
Influencer Marketing: How to Engage and Convert