Smart Devices and 5G

Smart Devices and 5G cartoon

A French entrepreneur named Nicholas Baldeck
CES 2020 last week by debuting the “World’s First
Smart Potato” at an actual CES booth.  

It’s an antenna that you stick into a potato and connect to
your smartphone over Bluetooth.  You can then ask the potato
questions like a Magic Eight Ball, tapping into the potato’s
“artificial intelligence”.  As he
put it

“I am skeptical of this idea of ‘connected
everything.’ Now it looks like innovation is about putting a chip
into any object.  I’m not sure the word ‘smart’ makes more
sense before the word toothbrush than the word

He also set up an Indiegogo
and said “if we get to $100,000, we will go to
Potato Blockchain.”

With the imminent arrival of 5G, there’s a lot of euphoric
talk about about the future of connected devices, which is leading
to a fair amount of technology-for-technology-sake.  And there are
many funny and no-so-funny bumps in the road.

On the funny end of the spectrum, GE was
a few months ago for releasing a guide to reset their
Smart Lightbulb.  It requires 14 complicated steps of turning it
off and on at exact second counts with a stopwatch (“turn off for
two seconds … turn on for eight seconds”).  Stephen Fry

, “This is insane enough to be joyous.”

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On the not-so-funny end of the spectrum, smart-device maker Wyze

two weeks ago that both of the company’s production
databases were left entirely open to the Internet, exposing the
data of 2.4 million users of their smart-home cameras and devices.

These are all reflections of the awkward adolescent stage of
technology we’re living and working in. We have to continually
question just how “smart” all of this “smart” technology
really is.

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Smart Devices and 5G