Top Ecommerce Security Threats in 2019


During the third quarter of 2017, online sales witnessed a boom
of $107 billion dollars according to the U.S Census Bureau. Since
then, e-commerce sales have increased by 14% in 2018. But, with an
increased number of online sales (that provide larger profit
margins) comes with it an even greater number
of eCommerce security threats to which you can lose

The World of Ecommerce Security Threats

The world has progressed and the internet today can offer almost
everything. Whether maintaining long-distance relationships, or
buying something online within a few clicks, anything is possible.
But, with great power comes great responsibility!  

As an e-entrepreneur, you should know that wherever there is
money involved, there will always be criminals. Hackers are
constantly on the move searching for loopholes and vulnerabilities
that exist within your eCommerce infrastructure. This is exactly
why you, as an entrepreneur, should be well versed with the
latest eCommerce security threats.

Source: FS – _Marketing
Top Ecommerce Security Threats in 2019