Use These 9 Proven Tips to Reduce E-Commerce Returns

E-commerce returns are the bane of online businesses. Nearly half
(48 percent) of digital shoppers said they made at least one return
in 2018, and over $369 billion of sales were lost as a result. As
I’ve mentioned in previous articles, product returns are far more
problematic for e-commerce businesses than brick-and-mortar stores.
After all, 30 percent of products ordered online get returned, as
compared to just 8.89 percent for brick-and-mortars. So this is an
issue that e-commerce brands need to address. Fortunately,
there’s a lot you can do to reduce your number of e-commerce
returns—everything from improving your product descriptions to
using more protective packaging when shipping orders can help. In
this post, I’ll go over nine specific strategies and include
examples from actual companies you can learn from.
Source: Marketing Blogs
Use These 9 Proven Tips to Reduce E-Commerce Returns